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    Saxon Math
    By Jen

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    OUr school just adopted Saxon Math this year as a whole school, although I had used it last year in my own classroom. I work with very at-risk youth and the teachers at my school, as well as the students like the program. Because Saxon repeats things several times, the students are able to learn the skills, even if they don't get it the first time around. You can reteach it quickly in an upcoming lesson. The students feel successful in the program and they don't get to feel that way often so they like math. I use it for 1st grade, but we have it all the way up through 8th grade, although our school is only K-6.

    I would say that the only downfall (or what could be a downfall) is that to do the whole entire lesson does take some time. I break the lesson up, doing the calendar stuff in the morning whole class, then doing the guided lesson and that stuff in the afternoon during math time. I give the fact sheets either during morning centers or after math. It's pretty quick and easy when the kids have the hang of it!

    Overall, I like the program and so do my kids. Since we just ordered it school-wide, I haven't seen results for student testing on state tests.

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