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    art idea that might help
    By Tanya

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    I just started teaching third grade and my class likes to practice their handwriting but they haven't had to use it at all yet in their work. One art idea that might spark your kids interest is to make name aliens or monsters. You have the kids write their name in cursive on one half of a folded 81/2 by 11 paper. You fold it and they write their name right on the fold line. Then they take an oil pastel and trace over their name quite darkly. Fold the paper back up and have them use their rulers to press down on the paper to make the pastel transfer to the other half of the paper. Then they open up their pages and trace over the pastel transfer because it will be quite light. Now the kids can use their writen name to make aliens or monsters. Some loops lend themselves very well to eyes and they can add anything they want to their alien like arms or antenna. My kids really loved this project and the other kids like to look at them in the hallway and try to figure out what the names said. This isn't a solution to your problem but maybe it will help. Good luck.

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