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    By katherine

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    This is my second year teaching in a school where I don't have a classroom or an office, and it will not be my last, I'm sure. I try to be organized, but it's inevitable that I forget something in my "cocoon" (a small cabinet) or leave something in the classroom. I have enlisted the kids help with this: I ask one of them to run down and get the tape player from my cabinet, or assign one kid (the same one or two all year, so I don't forget to reassign!) to check the room for English stuff. You could do the same for cleaning up (I, too, had a teacher complain that the room was a mess.). Have a kid be in charge of checking for paper on the floor, whatever.

    I also have legal sized folders for each class and take that folder with me every time I have their class, even if I don't have photocopies in it or their test papers. That way it becomes habit. I put their papers in it right away so they don't become lost in my bag.

    It is hard to move from class to class and almost impossible to be perfectly organized--how can you keep your materials in the same place? If the principal complains, I'd ask for specific suggestions and remind him/her that you have to take everything with you wherever you go.

    You could also try to fight for a classroom. I don't know what you teach or what your school is like, but they may be able to find an unoccupied space for you. Hope some of this was helpful. k

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