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    I'm not alone! - I thought it was just me...
    By Sharon D.W.L

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    I am so glad to read all of these postings. I thought I was "alone".

    I have only been teaching a year because I started after Christmas last year. Before that I subbed. I thought this year would go smoother but I'm afraid it hasn't turned out that way. I feel like I can't get anything done and I'm behind in everything. I'm afraid that I'm not covering enough and I am making more work for myself. I have almost no home support. I want to do a good job and give each child my attention but I feel like I have such a needy group that I often can't sleep at night and I hate going into school each day.

    I teach first grade and I'm also wondering if a change in grade level wouldn't help. I subbed Primary to Junior high and I tutored various levels/subjects as well. I actually told my husband tonight that I will try grade one next year and see if it's not better. I've heard that there is an unwritten rule that you can't have two "bad" classes back to back... (Is this true?) I've done a work placement in a resource classroom and think I might be better suited to smaller groups and not a full classroom. As others have suggested an older/different grade might be more appropriate.

    To make matters worse I'm being "evaluated" on Monday. The problem is I had a great review last year. I was so worried and then I had an awesome review. (A few people warned me that I was going to be crucified.) Now I'm worried that I won't live up to that lesson. (It's the same person who is reviewing me.) My heart is just not in it and I know my studnets will not co-operate once he arrives...

    Sorry for the rant, but thanks for a place to have it...


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