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    disrespectful students
    By Carolyn

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    Dear Anxious,

    I think that disrespect is something that we all put up with. I began teaching in 1985, and it seemed to me that kids acted more respectful back then. I had to adjust, gradually, to rude, disrespectful children. It used to bother me a great deal when they acted this way. Now it bounces off of me. Eventually, we all develop a hard shell which protects us from the cruel behavior of the children.

    Just keep in mind that you are not to blame, nor or you at fault because of the behavior of the children. They are not being raised properly at home, many of them. They don't have full-time parents, some of them.

    I have always reminded myself not to internalize what the kids say and do. I try to look at the rudeness and disrespect as the CHILD'S problem, not mine. I think if you look at it from that prospective, you won't be quite so upset by it.

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