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    I already do those things
    By Donna

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    I've had a mailbox for years. I always answer their mail. I'm about as creative and flexible as any teacher I've met.
    But yes, I DO have to intervene EVERY day. For 40 minutes mind you! But I do more like 20. To top it off, I have to intervene with TWO groups every day. At least until we get the results of their state reading test later this month. Then my groups will change depending on who passed the test.
    So I've divided my class into 4 groups. I meet with one group while the others are reading or writing. I'm lucky to get some spelling in every week, but forget about English or grammar. There's not enough time in the day. And our district wants us to do more.
    For the kids who don't pass the test (and it will be many) we have to fill out paperwork for our building intervention team, then write an invidual action plan for each kid. Basically, an IEP. Then carry it out.
    Of course, they don't want to pay us more.. that's another story. I may be on the picket line before the year is over.
    Thanks for your input. It just sucks to be a 4th grade teacher in Ohio these days.

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