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    By Misty

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    My class worked in five groups to become experts on a region. We made a collaborative U.S. map that was color coded by region. The students gave presentations that included a paragraph written on a specific topic: states and capitals, natural resources, landforms and bodies of water, and climate. Some of these topics were harder than others and I delegated them according to ability. The kids also had to find and share at least one interesting fact about their region. They brought some kind of visual aide as well. It could be a prop or something they made.
    If your interested I have a rubric that I used to grade this. I gave grades on the map.(Which I displayed on the bulletin board during the unit) I gave indiviual grades on paragraphs as well as group grades on presentations. I followed it up with individual maps that were copies of the class map. I got blank U.S. maps from our local teacher store, and the kids had to put state abbreviations and capitals. We also colored our individual maps by region just like our class map. At the end of the unit I auctioned off the class map and got 27 behavior points for it! That is amazing considering we only get ten points per week. The kids loved it.

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