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    By srw

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    This is my first year to be a resource teacher. (Previously, I have taught regular education.)
    All of my kiddos are included within the regular ed room. There are a few however, that are pulled for one subject or another, for extra support, or because their curriculum is totally different from their regular classrooms'.
    The teaching aspect of resource is wonderful.
    I have throughly enjoyed watching my "guys" (that is all I have this year, no girls) transform into successful, confident, learners.
    However, the paper work, legal matters, etc. are things that I could live without.

    My daily schedule consists of small groups (I am resource for 4th and 5th grades and one 3rd grader) that come to me at various times for different subjects. I have most all resources in my room, however, will adapt their work from their classroom as well. Tests are usually sent to me a day or two in advance so that I can rework for students who need EXTRA support when testing.

    I have no idea if I have answered some of your questions or if I have confused you more, and by no means am I an expert at this. Howeever, I will be happy to help more if I can.

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