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    By Kathy Westermeyer

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    Love the pumpkin idea--that's great! I have taught this using a ball and a song. (Sung to the tune: Jingle Bells

    Latitude, latitude
    Lines go round and round
    Measuring north
    Measuring south
    From the equator
    Latitude, latitude,
    Lines go round and round
    Measuring north,
    Measuring south
    Those lines of latitude.

    Longitude, longitude
    Lines go up and down
    Measuring east,
    Measuring west
    From the prime meridian
    Longitude, longitude,
    Lines go up and down
    Measuring east,
    measuring west
    Those lines of longitude.

    Note: While they are singing this it's very important to have the students actually making the imaginary lines of longitude and latitude with their hands. If you use the pumpkin idea, have them trace the lines on the pumpkin with their fingers as they sing.

    Worked for my group!!

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