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    By Judy

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    Well, this has worked for me. Have the students stand behind their desks and snap in rhythm. Get them going for about 10 snaps, then, on the down beat, say, "DIVIDE, MULTIPLY, SUBTRACT, AND BRING DOWN, YEAH!" Each word is on a snap, and your hands go up and wave for the "YEAH!" You can have them do it over and over, walk around the room doing it, say it loud, say it soft. They get it fairly quickly. You might try at least.
    It is pretty cool. I wish that I could explain it more clearly.
    The kids then have the actually words floating around in their heads, and they don't really even mean to. Of course, if you ask them what comes next in a problem, you'll probably hear, "DIVIDE, MULTIPLY, SUBTRACT, AND BRING DOWN, YEAH!" before you get the answer.

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