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    Home-School Connection Notebook
    By Linda

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    This year I began what I call a Home-School Connection Notebook. Any notebook would do but I am using the marble covered 170 sheet notebook that I got at Target. At the beginning of the year I made a template that each student filled in the blanks. It went like this:

    September _____, 2001

    To My Family,

    Today in ____________ I learned about __________________. Ask me about ___________.


    Then as October came I made more blanks and now they are copying the whole thing from the white board. After the holidays or so I will make them write their own message. They also draw a picture of something they did during the day at school.

    Parents LOVE this and it gets done EVERY day. The idea was to help start a conversation between parents and children. This is NOT used for parent-teacher communication. I also tell parents they can write their kids a note in the log. I adapted it from something I learned about on this site!
    Hope this helps!!

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