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    By Jana

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    Here are a few ideas i've done with K-1st:
    1. Rainbow snowflakes: although you could use whatever colors you'd like, really. Use a coffee filter, paint on it with watercolors, OR draw on it with makers-- wad it up, then spray it with a spray bottle. Next, let dry, then fold up in 1/2 then in 1/2 again, cut out shapes along the fold to make a snowflake shape. All unique and different.
    2. Foam Flakes: you can buy plastic tubs of pre-cut out foam snowflake shapes at craft stores, usually by the christmas craft stuff. They usually come in different colors with 3-4 different sizes. Take 2 different sizes/colors and glue together, add glitter and wiggly eyes.
    3. Popscicle stick/toothpick flakes: use popscicle sticks for the 'frame,' glue into an 'X'. Let dry, then go in and add more 'spokes' with toothpicks. These turn out neat, kids can add as many toothpicks as they like. Then add different colored glitter for sparkle. Or you could mass spraypaint them in silver.

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