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    art projects
    By L.P.

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    My K's love to work with clay and with a little direction can make pretty good animals and other shapes. I use a homemade playdough but you could use self hardening clay or if you have a kiln, regular clay. Show them how to roll it and shape it into the project you want.

    They also like drawing and can produce a surprisingly good picture (I love anything they do though) with directed drawing. They feel very successful after finishing their picture, too. You could also teach them about line/linear form while you are teaching the lesson.

    Another fun project is marble art. Use a small plastic bin or cardboard box, line it with paper, squirt in two small plops of tempera in primary colors and add a marble. As they roll it around, they see that blue and yellow make green, red and blue make purple, etc. When dry, mat on construction paper that brings out a dominant color of the painting. Instant Jackson Pollock!

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