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    classroom management
    By Jennifer

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    Don't forget rewards and reinforcement of good choices. You could divide class into groups, tables with a name for each that they decide. First table ready gets a raffle ticket - have a raffle at the end of the day with fun prizes (you can buy bags of little toys or stuff at thrift stores, or use pencils, etc.)
    Make a Treasure Box and give out tickets for this to those who follow directions.

    Go in the first day and have everything planned, be confident, enthusiastic, positive but spell out the consequences for bad choices. You can have them make the rules with you on the first day. Make a big poster and each of them signs it. Display this prominently and refer to it when needed.

    Teach them signals for stopping to listen to you as you give a direction - like a rhythm clap that they repeat or a secret word that they respond to with another word - you say french fries and they reply ketchup but then stop and listen. Make it fun but be firm and consistent.

    I need to listen to my own advice - I have two halves of Kinder with 25 in each. They love the Treasure box tickets. I wrap little toys in plain paper bags so they have to just pick and don't spend hours trying to decide - it is potluck.

    Look on past posts on this subject - there are lots of ideas.
    Good luck!

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