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    By robin

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    Dear Jane,
    For the past few years, I have culminated our money unit with a Yard Sale. The children are given a notice to bring home soliciting "Treasures" to be "sole" at our class yard sale. The tables are set up with tape dividing them into sections. Each section has a price category. This year I hadtwo price categories per group of items. One category had all prices ending in 5 or 0 for students who have difficulty with adding three or more columns of numbers without skip counting etc..
    On the day of the sale, each student is given a sheet with four lines to write down the amount of their purchases. They are given a clipboard and a bag to put their purchases in as well. They are also given a bag of play coins and bills to use to compute their purchases. They must add up the total and show the amount of change form $5.00. They may do this using only paper and pencil or they may use the play money to support computation. Of course, we have been using these mathods all along to add $ and count up to $1, $3 and so on. The kids LOVE this activity and are extremely motivat9ed to shp. I only allow 5-6 shoppers at once (names drawn from name cup). The children that are waithing play a Money Bingo game and don't seem to mind as they try to win a lollipop for their group. Also, I let the last group buy 5 items to compensate for less selection at the end. All shoppers were happy this year!

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