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    subbing expectations
    By kat

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    It's great to know that there are subs out there who want to do the right thing! I have subbed over the years and have always been well liked because I always TRIED to get the papers graded and left the room neater than when I entered. Notice tried was capitalized because this was not always possible.

    As a teacher however, I do see the points about preferring to grade my own papers. I have given volunteers papers to grade, with directions, and they are not done properly, so sometimes it is best to not expect or want them to be graded.

    As a sub, my policy was to do everything I could to make it easy on the teacher when she/he returned. I put notes on every set of papers, and all over the plans, so the teacher knew exactly what happened that day. My best advice to you is do what you feel comfortable doing and keep in mind that you are just a sub and if directions are not clear you can only do the best with what you're given. Anyone who complains about a conscientious sub should not be absent!(don't be afraid to ask other teachers for help if you don't understand something) Keep up the good work--sounds like they are blessed to have someone interested in doing a good job!

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