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    100th Day
    By Mrs. Tayor

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    My team of second and third grade teachers(7)do a rotation of activities. My class does a paper bag that is decorated with 100 pictures (10 rows of 10) ... I have now added, to cut time, the stamp markers. When the students are done decorating and putting name on the bottom, they come to the table at gather 10 items from 10 bowls which are donations of small food items from parents. We call this GORP ... I'm not sure where the name came from but the kids love it... I normally have extra bowls of items because of the tastes the kids like ... suggestions given to parents are:Kix cereal, M&M's(all kinds), Skittles, raisens, peanuts, mini choc, butterscotch, and/or cherry chips, mini marshmellows,potatoe strings, lemon drops, gum balls, gummy bears....use egg cartons (cut off the end two) to put the items in ... easier to count

    Other teachers... read 100 hungary ants & do 100 piece puzzles around the room, Wolf Chicken Stew with worksheet, fruitloop necklace(egg carton again makes it easier.. and tie a knot at one end and tape the other end for stringing, Writing- either $100 dollars or 100 years old-draw a picture of yourself and then wrinkle the paper,100 day hat, 100 day badge, 100 words, 100 numbers by 1's, 5's, 10's. Then I continue 100 days by cutting out feet (about 4 each student) and place them in the hall... estimation on how far it will go, measure 100 uni fix cubes, oh .. and don't forget to read and watch 101 Dalamatians the next day! Reading the other 100th days books. We also read 100 pages...silent reading.

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