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    black history program
    By jodi

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    I don't know what your requirements are for your program, but George Washington Carver is interesting to kids, with all of the things he made from peanuts. The kids could dress as scientists. He was called "The Plant Doctor" so some of the kids could hold plants. You could make up a song or chant with the info that they learn about him. Or, Garrett Morgan invented the traffic light. You could make up a play with cars going through intersections and bumping into each other, then have some kids come out with the traffic signals. I made some with a black background, then the three lights. It looked so good! The kids could recite the poem: Red on top says stop; Yellow in between, stay and wait for green; Green below,let's go! Or whatever poem you have already. Good Luck! Let me know what you decide to do!

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