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    By Dee

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    I think that developmental kindergarten before regular kindergarten is a great idea! I teach K in a school where many of my students came in not knowing the letters of their name or even that letters have meaning. They could haul off and sing the ABC song, but they had no clue that letters are there for a reason! My district, like many, has pushed Kindergarten to a very academic point. I don't think that is bad, it is just that many kids are not prepared. I personally do not understand how any parent would not think it was important to work on letter recognition and other readiness skills, but unfortanatly many think it is just the school's job. In response to the original post, maybe the teacher does not have the funds to buy many manipulative materials. Especially if she is a new teacher. I spent about $1000 buying classroom materials this year in addition to the $400 I get from my school.

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