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    missing work
    By MA

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    Robin, I teach second grade also-- 12 years-- and second graders are very able to take responsibility for their work. If you don't look for the missing work, they won't do it. I keep track of every assignment I give them and those who don't get their daily work done have to stay in at recess to finish it. I usually take away their PE if they still won't get it done in a reasonable amount of time. It usually takes only once to know that you mean business! I post their names on the board as a reminder of what they need to finish. They erase them as they finish. There is much satisfaction in getting their name off the board. I do it conversely, too. When they finish an assignment they can write their name on the board, too, as they finish! Works both ways and you have a way to keep track!

    As for missing names, I hold the paper and when their name goes on the board for not having it done they come and find me right away to right this terrrible mistake!

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