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    need a modified reward system
    By Christina

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    This is my first year teaching 3rd grade and I am debating about how to handle fact memorization in my room. My classroom is the integrated class for special ed. in 3rd grade. (8 w/ special needs, 12 without) I already run 2 separate math groups, one of which follows the 3rd grade curriculum at a much more concrete level at lower conceptual difficulty. Both groups will work on the concept and process of multiplication (my lower group has been making equal groups and rows of counters since the first week of school).
    But I am worried about them when we get to the memorization piece. Many of my lower students will only be asked to memorize key tables (0,1,2,5,9,10) and will have a lot more difficulty/slower progress than the rest of the class. In order not to lower self esteem and point out their difficulties or modified goals, I don't plan to use a bulletin board like the ice cream sundae idea. At the same time, however, because I realize they really need to be rewarded and encouraged for their progress, I want to be able to really reward their progress and make a big deal out of it.

    I am having trouble reconciling these 2 pieces and settling on a workable reward/motivation system. Any thoughts/experiences? Please?

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