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    My Early Childhood classroom is going to spend a week on plants. We're going to discuss the various parts of a plant and what their job is. As part of our "art project" we're going to make a flower headband, leaves to hold in our hands, & "roots" to put on our feet. Then we're going to dance "the Plant Hokey Pokey". We're also making up a plant bingo game board with headings of "Light" "water" "soil" "air". We have a program at school that we use to print icon/pictures, so I searched out anything I could that was associated with plants, gardens, farms, etc & printed enough pictures so that the kids will get to pick & choose which 16 to put on their board. We'll make the boards & then play the game.
    We're going to "plant" a sunflower seed in a ziplock bag with a damp paper towel & tape them to the window & watch them germinate. We'll plant them later in the year & send them home as Mother's Day plants.
    I've also heard about planting grass seed on damp sponges. Someone created their own grass creatures by having the children draw a face on a styrafoam cup (no hair). They then put potting soil into a knee high stocking,knoted it & placed it knot down into the cup. Grass seed was sprinjkled onto the potting soil & kept damp. In a short time, the children's creatures had grown green hair! Children can chart grass's growth, compare who has the better growth, which spots in the classroom has best results, etc.
    Have fun!

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