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    review games
    By jess

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    You might want to go to , the website for that magizine...they keep copies of their back issues online and you could search through them.

    Other review games my class plays:

    1.) to review spelling, we write the words in shaving cream on our desks. I just squirt a little on the desk top. The kids think its a blast, and its not as messy as you'd think. Also, it really cleans the desk tops nicely!

    2.) Jeapordy! We use this at the end of math chapters to review for our tests. We run it exactly like the game show, save that we have two teams (divide the class in half) and take turns going through the questions.

    3.) Beach Ball REview: I have several large beach balls that I have numbered to coorespond with how many questions we have (1-50, for example...each # corresponds to a question I have written down on a sheet of paper. Then we stand in a circle and toss the ball around. Whoever catches it determines what number question they have by which number is under their left thumb. If they answer correctly, they can stay in the circle...if not, they are out. Winner is the last person standing. (We do this after we've done in class review, right before the test.)

    Hope these help some.

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