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    By Julianne

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    I think I have that same student in my class... Ok, there's probably one in most classes. I agree that your first best bet is to talk to a parent. Believe it or not, I've had pretty good luck with parents of children who throw tantrums. Other things you can try - set up a reward system for all the students so they get something this child might value. A teacher friend of mine says you can get a child to do almost anything for a Jolly Rancher (candy). While I don't really believe that, little rewards can help children learn and practice appropriate behavior until it becomes second nature. You can seat the child where the rest of the class isn't likely to look at her - near the back, in a corner, etc. Be sure if you must send her out that doing so doesn't reinforce her poor behavior. And since you sign your name as "student teacher" you should also check with your cooperating teacher and your college professor about this student. Ask them to sit in and observe her in action and give you specific feedback on how to handle her. You aren't supposed to know how to handle all situations right now. These knowledgable mentors should be helping you learn what to do in these difficult situations.

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