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    spoiled brat child
    By Carolyn

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    I had one of those in my room. She had to have her way with EVERYTHING. I believe that the person who is in charge in the classroom is the adult, namely the teacher. But this child seemed to think otherwise. Hang up your coat. But I'm cold. (The room was 70 degrees.) Put your bookbag at the coat hang-up station. But I might need something out of it. Whenever I got insistent about her following directions, she went into a hissy fit. I grew tired of having a disagreement with her and spending energy on something so trivial that it should not have been a disagreement at all. I called her mother to tell her about it. She mother, thankfully, was helpful in getting the child back on track. Now I have no more tantrums and no more refusals to cooperate. Thank goodness. Maybe your child's parents can help you.

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