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    persuasive writing essays
    By Carolyn

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    Some writing elements:

    I teach fifth grade, so my students are required to write at least five well-developed paragraphs of five sentences per paragraph. In third grade, however, you might just want them to start out with a single paragraph. When I introduce persuasive writing, that's all I expect them to do. My students' current writing assignment is persuasive.

    For your kids, you might try the following:

    Writing has:
    1. a title. (I teach fifth grade, and it's amazing how many forget this!)
    2. an introduction which states what the writer is trying to persuade the reader to do. (Mom and Dad, I am getting older now, and I believe that it's time for me to have an allowance.)
    3. several opinion statements relating to the persuasion (I have become responsible, want to save money, etc.)
    4. a conclusion (introduction restated) (After all that I've said, don't you think I should have more allowance?)
    5. evidence of editing (capital letters, punctuation, etc.)

    Start out with an idea which they may feel passionate about. My students' persuasive writing this week focuses upon "Why I Should Receive More Allowance." Write up an example of what you want your kids to do, then make an overhead of it. Ask THEM to identify what you have done to persuade:What is the purpose of the first sentence? How many reasons do I give? How does the writing end?

    If you need some topic ideas, I have a lot.

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