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    "parents calling me"
    By Tabitha

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    When I first started teaching I made the mistake of letting my parents have my home phone number. Being a new teacher I wanted my parents to realize that I am available when needed, until I had a parent call me every night about what things would go on with her daughter that day and other children in class, at lunch, ect. I even got a phone call at midnight from a state policeman about one child who was lieing and I had told that mother what happened earlier. I then started recieving phone calls from my husbands family because the police called them looking for me to answer this child's lies. It became a big mess.
    To make a long story short I have email on line and at school, I am at school almost two hours before the students and I will stay late to talk to parents. I do not and will not ever give my phone number out again. I *67 if I have to call a parent from home. My home life is just that, my home life. I already eat, sleep, and drink school as it is. I need time to relax and get myself under control in order to deal with parents, children, adminastration, and colleagues. I stand behind all of you that want your family time uninterupted by parents.

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