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    Salt water and fresh water.
    By John Vose

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    Show them that salt water is more dense than fresh water by weighing or balancing equal amounts of them.
    Then show them that the fresh water floats on the salt water. Use clay to block one end of a clear plastic straw. Color the fresh water and the salt water different colors. Use an eye dropper to put the salt water into the straw first and then put the fresh water on top. The fresh water will float on the salt water. Do the opposite and the salt water will sink in the fresh water. You can even make different concentrations of salt water (I use 100%, 50%, 25%, and fresh water), color them and stack them on top of each other in a straw.
    Explain that less dense things float on more dense things so things float better in salt water because salt water is more dense than fresh water.


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