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    By Barb

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    How about trying multi-sensory or tactile activities to help practice and teach the words? There's tons of ways to do this, it keeps the student involved and makes it more fun. here's just a few ideas....there are lots more and you just need to be creative!

    writing the words in sand
    tracing chalk on sandpaper
    writing in whipped or shaving cream
    writing/tracing in bins of beans or rice
    spraying water on a wall or the ground or chalkboard to make the words
    crayon rubbings over a bumpy surface
    make word puzzles (on tag board, cut them up and piece together)
    make acronyms
    scavenger hunts around your room, or school or in a newspaper or magazine
    word puzzles (like searches, crosswords, acrostics, etc)

    There's lots of ways to do it...some teachers in the younger grades may have ideas or ask a special ed teacher or anyone that uses the Orton-Gillingham approach to help teach words. (Orton-G uses a lot of these ideas and I'm sure has many more...look them up!)

    good luck

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