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    compliment circle quick description
    By Rebecca

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    I teache 2nd grade & this is how we do them in our classroom. A compliment circle is where students sit in a circle (chairs) and exchange compliments. We give compliments to the person to our left (or right, I switch back and forth each week so they don't plan ahead who they will sit by). This makes it easy so someone doesn't get left out. I give my students several minutes to prepare a compliment in their head before we begin. After doing this several times (we usually do compliment circles once a week), I change it a little. All students have a thumb up & after someone gives you a compliment, you put your thumb away. You can them only compliment someone with their thumb still up. I would ONLY do this when your students are VERY comfortable with the going in a circle method. Because those at the end are basically having to compliment the last person with their thumb up, ec.

    The rules are:
    1. You can't give a compliment about hair style/clothes/etc.
    2. The person receiving the compliment says "thank you" and the person giving the compliment says "you're welcome."

    They go something like this...
    Trevor, I compliment you because you are good at playing kickball at recess.
    Trevor says THANK YOU & the other says YOU'RE WELCOME.
    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have quetsions.

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