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    Helping a nervous student teacher!
    By KG

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    I am the type of person who simply reads over these messages and never pays any real attention to them. When I saw the nervous student teacher remark I had to read to see what it was about. I am currently in my first year of teaching and could imagine no other profession. I also have a very good friend who is currently in student teaching. I get emails and phone calls frequently explaining how unhappy she is and how she feels helpless. This is hard for a veteran teacher to understand. It would seem that schedules and lesson plans should come so simply. Then, as student teachers we are given unit topics only because the real teacher doesn't want to teach it herself. Student teaching is just that, a student in training. Each day and with more experience we learn as we go. In my own experience, I did not have a good cooperating teacher. She was the teacher that at college we were taught not to be. So,it was no problem for me to play her little game of teaching until I could graduate. Other people are not so fortunate, like my friend who has little confidence while others are judging her. Please give your student teacher a chance. Sit down with her each day and start with the positives, just like you would do with your own students. Remember all of the pressure she is under! Also, never hide anything from her. Tell her before you contact the principal and the University. She needs to know first if you are not happy. Would you expect your own students to understand an assignment before giving them directions?
    You have already showed that you are a caring teacher by asking for help!! I hope that everything works out for you. I love my students and I know that you want the best for them. When I left student teaching my students cried and begged me not to leave. I hope that this happens for you.
    Good Luck! Please let us know how this goes.

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