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    By Cathi

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    We use a math program called Investigations. One activity was to have the children make arrays. Use graph paper and cut out rectangles that are the dimensions of the multiplication problems. For example 6x3 would be a rectangle that has six rows of three. On one side write the dimension (6x3) and on the other side the answer. You may want to make a master copy and then just run these off for the kids to cut out. The kids love to play games with them like put them in a bag and take turns pulling it out. If they know the answer they can keep it if not it goes back in the bag.
    Another activity was to make skip counting books. I copied eleven 100 boards for each child and then we made a skip counting page for each factor. For the number 2 we used a highlighter and marked all of the multiples as we skip counted. Then we discussed the patterns that we saw. We did this for factors 2-11. Then we compared pages like three and six and found how they were related. They love to read/practice with their skip counting books.
    Hope these ideas make sense. If not e-mail me and I can explain better. I don't check the board often so mail is best. Please type Proteacher in the subject box.


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