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    And the tears keep flowing
    By Tears...

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    I can't believe you all wrote the above responses. I had a really bad Thursday. I wanted to post my thoughts on the day but I kind of felt funny...thinking I might look completely out of control. It was so bad that I burst into tears when my principal walked into my room afterschool. She came to my room to inform me that a parent called (again!) asking why I took recess away from all the students ("It's not fair!"). After having a miserable day with my very difficult children (4th grade), the last thing I needed was for her to come up and let me know that this particular parent was mad again. The kids are so bad that I was on the verge of leaving at the winter break. However, I managed to come back. And Thursday was the BIG day when I finally let it out. I think it was a good idea to just "lose it" because my principal finally realized how bad it really is. While I am still upset about my's a long weekend and I am enjoying it. Hope everyone else is!

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