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    party ideas
    By val day

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    i teach 6th, and we have a ball with this one:
    (i'll bet 2nd could do it)

    it's the valentine heart suck--but call it what you dare.

    each student gets a straw and a construction heart (diameter..oh...2 inches?) then divide up your class into as many relay teams as you can handle. (my room only handles 3 lines)

    place a pan, plate, cup, small valentine mug, whatever, at the end of the course.

    have students get in lines--the first must suck on the straw, with the heart at the end of the straw, and hustle down and drop the heart into the container--if the heart drops, the student must get it using the sucking straw method. when that student gets back to the line, the next person goes.

    i always make sure i have my camera on hand for this one!

    i also play a game having student come up with famous couples--you could even do "famous pairs" like peanut butter and jelly, bread and butter...

    i hope your c-mas party went well, and good luck with this one. i don't know about 2nd, but 6th graders like to rip open valentines, save SPECIAL ones, throw most out, and sort their candy. i have to give them things to do or it all becomes a messy, petty party!

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