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    Sad Third Grade Teacher
    By Joy

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    Hi Everyone,

    As you can see, I'm a third grade teacher. It is my responsibility to teach cursive to my students. When we start our first cursive lessons the kids love it and they can't wait to put it to good use. Sometimes they can't get enough of it and they request additional lessons. By the end of the year they can pretty much write everything in cursive and I encourage it (especially on final writing pieces and important papers, etc.)

    A few years ago, I had told my students that they would be using their cursive writing skills nearly everyday in fourth grade. To my surprise, those children came running back saying that I had tricked them and lied about using cursive. I was so disappointed that the teachers did not encourage them to write in cursive. My sister teaches sixth grade in the same district and she has children that do not even know how to form letters. Either they have forgotten or they were never taught. It's so sad to see this happen because there are many teachers out there who spend endless hours teaching children how to write in cursive. We later find out that all of that time was just a waste. I hope that other teachers like those who posted here will continue to encourage their students to use cursive in their everyday work. Thank you!!

    Happy Teaching!

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