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    Christmas Activities
    By Krissy

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    These are the activities that I plan to do this week, and for the most part on the final day. I plan to keep them busy, busy, busy.

    Christmas word scramble: Students will work in pairs to unscramble words like "sleigh," "reindeer," "Santa" etc.

    Twas the Night Before Christmas Mad Libs: I am going to read Twas the Night Before Christmas to my class. Then, they will work together to choose new nouns, etc. to make a funny version of the tale. We will take turns reading them aloud.

    Tree Comparison: I will put two different Christmas tree pictures on the overhead, and students will create a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the trees. I will make a game out of it by encouraging students to find the most differences.

    Santa Map Skills: I will give students questions like "Santa flys his sleigh north of Missouri. What state is he in?"

    Christmas Shopping: I have been saving sale ads and picking them up from stores for weeks. I am going to give each student a balance of $500 to spend on whatever they would like. I am going to allow them to cut out pictures and paste to their "Santa's Bag" construction-paper cut-out. I am going to have them, estimate, do the math on paper, then trade with a partner and check it with a calculator.

    Christmas Around the World: My students have spent the past week researching Christmas traditions around the world. We are going to take turns presenting what we found to the class.

    Pass the Ornament: A version of hot potato played with an ornament.

    Snowman soup: I found a really cute poem called "Snowman Soup" that involves giving someone a packet of hot chocolate, candy cane, and a hershey's kiss. Students are going to work together to copy the poem on snowman paper, create the packages and then have fun delivering them to various school staff.

    Division fun: Since we are working on our facts, I will cut out little green trees and write a different number on each one (1-9) each student will get one tree. I will call out a fact and the student with that answer on their tree will hold it up. If they hold up their answer first, they earn a point for their team.

    Christmas Charades: Students will act out various Christmas words.

    At the end of the day, we will enjoy juice and cookies.

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