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    Don't forget Chinese New Year
    By Rebecca

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    I had a Chinese student a few years ago. He came after Christmas as well(I didn't have a warning to get prepared though). He spoke very little English as did his parents. Our ESL teacher was a life saver! I basically did what Julianne posted. I sat him near some higher level learners and he basically copied from them. I posted things with labels and hunted for some Chinese words. He would interact with the kids and began to talk to them first (just like Julianne said). He became best friends with a little boy and I let them be in groups together.

    Our favorite "theme" was Chinese New Year. I enlisted the help of a Chinese girl(who knew my husband and me from frequenting the Chinese Restaurant--as well as the boy's parents). She gave me lots of things and ideas to use. I found lots of wonderful Chinese stories to share. I incorporated these ideas into my Centers. The little guy was so excited to share things from his culture! He did get tickled at my Chinese writing but he was thrilled to help me improve on it! If you need any ideas, let me know. By the way, this was third grade as well. And...Chinese New Year is from late Jan. to Feb(can't remember exactly).

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