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    insects & bugs
    By chris

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    I did a unit with 3 to 5 year olds a few weeks ago. One thing we did was make a progressive book, adding a new line to each page and drawing the appropriate picture. I got the idea from another web site.
    Page 1: "An insect has 3 body parts." (draw a tri-sectioned bug)Page 2: "An insect has 3 body parts. An insect has 6 legs." (draw tribod with legs). Pg 3: "An An insect...legs. An insect has 2 antennae." (draw as before but w/antennae) Pg 4: "An insect...antennae. Most insects have 2 eyes." (draw)Pg 5: "An insect...eyes. Some insects have wings." (draw) "An insect...wings. This is my insect." (draw)
    Kids got to make their insects out of playdough as well & get their picture taken with it using the digital camera.
    We also did a companion unit on spiders, because they ARE NOT insects at all!
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