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    Early finishers
    By Mariella

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    I always carry extra work for "early finishers" -number puzzles, word searches, graph art (where you don't know what the picture will be til you follow the instructions, use the colours listed in their right spots). I do find, though, that sometimes kids are eager to finish just to see what it is that I've brought for extra work and they RUSH through their work and don't do it well. So, before I let them have the work for early finishers, I send them back to their seats to double check their work or to edit (depending on their age, I will tell them to make sure they've used a capital at the start of every sentence and a period at the end and have fingerspaces between words; for older kids, the editing process is more complicated but they still have to do it - clear topic sentence, capitals, punctuation, spelling, etc.) You can also have them act as "tutors", helping the kids who may be struggling a bit. You can get them to sweep the room, clean boards or tables, sort through paperclips or clean paintbrushes (paintbrushes ALWAYS need a good cleaning!) And free silent reading time is always a good reward!

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