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    Totally Agree
    By GM

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    You didn't say if you agreed with the evaluations you received. Do you agree that your classroom management skills need fine tuning? Most likely because you are a new teacher, they need the refining. That's perfectly natural.

    The fact that you had a difficult group of students does make a significant difference in your ability to manage the class. HOWEVER, during an interview, I would not point the finger of blame on your students and principal solely.

    I would not go into details during an interview unless I was asked to. Perhaps you could mention that you had significant behavior problems that you found quite challenging. I wasn't certain how to handle some of them. However, I know what I'd do now. And be ready to back that statement up.

    I resigned last year in the middle of the schoolyear. I was not asked to. I resigned because of the signifant behavior problems (to give you an idea what I dealt with I'll tell you for starters that I had TWO students who had been previously expelled from their previous school!)

    Anyway.......I recently interviewed and was completely honest about my resignation. I told them something similar to what I mentioned above. I didn't mention that I didn't receive adequate help from administrators. I focused on what I could have done differently. I also mentioned that this year as a substitute teacher I have learned so much by reading professional books, talking with other teachers, reading this board, and subbing. I briefly told them what I'd do differently.

    The administrators response blew me away. He thanked me for my honesty. He said that he was very impressed with it. He said that if I could tell him that, then he could trust me to tell him anything else that I'd need to. He was very supportive and encouraging.

    He has not, however, decided if I have the sub.

    In short, learn from this experience and move on. DON'T be a prison of it. And remember, Michael Jordon didn't make the cut the first time he tried out for his high-school basketball team.

    You'll recover from this experience and will be a stronger, wiser person/teacher because of it.

    Take Care, GM

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