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    What grade?
    By Dawn

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    Hi Diana,
    what age group of students are you aiming for? Can you limit it to just animals?

    You can review the 3 things animals need--food, shelter, and a safe place to raise baby animals. Maybe build a food pyramid out of shoe-box size boxes (those big cardboard bricks I see in toystores?) that has the producers on the base level, the 1st tier consumers on the next, and the 2nd tier consumers on the next.

    You could talk discuss with the students what the producers need to survive (maybe clean water), and then show them what happens if the clean water becomes dirty. You could very dramatically knock out one of the cardboard boxes on the base level of the pyramid. Then you could talk about the boxes on the next not having the ability to eat as much, etc. etc

    I'm sorry if this is not just what you need but I just thought of it as I typed here. Maybe others might have better ideas...

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