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    By Kelly

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    First let me say that this makes me furious. I hate it when college professors say that you have no future in teaching, you are just learning!!! You would never say to a student that you have no future in elementary school.

    I had a very similar experience during my student teaching. I was with a cooperating teacher that did not want to teach me, just pass everything off on me and reprimand me when I failed. I got several very poor evaluations 2's and 3's on the scale that you are going by. I was borderline failing. My last evaluation was straight 3's and 4's which was barely passing but I did pass.

    Now let me get to the positive part. Since beginning teaching 3 years ago, I have gotten wonderful evaluations from my principals (both of them). I am very desired on many of the teams at school. I am a very good teacher and very proud of the work I do.

    My advice on classroom management is consistancy. I know this sounds obvious but before you go into the classroom learn the rules inside and out. Be low key, do not yell but do not be intimidated by the students. For the first few days move quickly through the discipline plan, show the students that you mean business. Do not cut them any slack. Once they know you mean business they will quit trying you. But you must be consistant. If they are talking they get a check if they argue they get another one. Do this everytime, even if it is a student that is noramlly good. The students do not need to like you, but they must respect you so be fair.

    I wish you the best of luck, keep us posted. I know where you are coming from and hope I can offer you some good advice.

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