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    By Pam

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    Try to document exactly what is happening, I had a horrible situation last year and failed to document. This year I had several situations that I did document very clearly, talked to the person - has her initial the statement that I went over with her and did have another person there - these are for severe problems that I have had to talk with her several times about. She is under the understanding that I first would like to handle things with her before going to administration and if things do not get straightened out with me I will have to go higher. Unfortunately last year I let things build so bad that I exploded and was very unprofessional ending up with my own bad evaluation. She however got no reprimands. It was stated to me from several teachers and staff that this was going on with this para since she has been in that position and probable continues. All I wanted was like you a reliable person to work with and to have mutual respect. When there is a power struggle it is so hard to have a learning environment and I myself went home many nights drained and in tears. So sad that these situations are not taken seriously. Remain professional at all costs - do not lose your dignity. That is the only part I felt wrong about, but I did learn a valuable lesson.
    Sorry so long hope I helped.

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