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    student teaching
    By Suzanne

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    How much longer do you have their? How would you handle the class if it was your class? Obviously your frustration is coming from the fact that you realize that yelling is not the answer. Most children with behavioral problems get enough yelling at home, and are quiet adept at tuning it out. Punishment is also, a losing battle with most of them. You might want to try finding out what their willing to work for. Maybe some extra time on the computer, or being able to listen to their CD for 10 minutes (approved music of course) or being able to go to lunch with the other classes, or watching an approved video with their lunch if they accomplish so a certain amount of work. Also, find out how they learn best. We all have different learning styles. You may try looking into Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence skill tests, and letting them take the test. It's really simple, and it may put you more in tune with the students. Hope this helps. Hang in their, and remember Rome wasn't built in a day. Fellow Student

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