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    Further Support!
    By Teri

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    We finished multiplication in February. Instead of jumping right into division like the other 3rd grade teachers chose, I decided to teach a measurement unit. As homework was assigned for measurement, I always had multiplication practice on it. I also do timed tests. While they may understand the concept of division and it's connection to multiplication, it's very difficult unless they have practiced/memorized their facts.

    Another teacher suggested "jumping" from multiplication fact to fact. First, you decorate your bulletin board or wall with lily pads. Then each student gets a frog. On the first lily pad is written 0s & 1s. After the students master 0s and 1s by a short quiz, they jump to the next lily pad (2s). It continues until they have jumped on all the lily pads. I didn't do it in my classroom, but I certainly wished I had. In fact, when it came time for her class to begin division, they wanted to do it again.

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