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    long division
    By kat

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    I agree with Kathy. I teach math to 3rd and 4th grade students. My job teaching long division to the 4th grade students was difficult to say the least because they still didn't know the basic mult. facts. We have drilled and drilled and I think( I don't want to get too confident) they are mastering it. Each day as a warm up activity I have the students do a worksheet to practice long division or 2digitX3digit mult. The repetitive process has really helped! I'm hoping that my current third graders, who know their facts, will retain this over the summer and it will be smoother sailing. This was my first year in this school, so I'm not to blame for the lack of fact mastery on the 4th graders----It has been a long year with them, but I have seen some real progress with this group and it is sooooo rewarding!

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