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    Surprisingly, No!
    By Teri

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    I have one student who doesn't lose his temper, but choses to "forget" to mark down his checks. (This is the one I also keep an additional check system at my desk.) The students know losing their temper is disrespectful behavior and, if they lost their temper, would probably get an additional check. Also they would need to complete a "Think Sheet" and their parents would need to sign it. If it was serious enough, I would send them to the principal's office. (My principal is very supportive!) A few times, I have felt it necessary to give a class check (meaning the whole class received a check). This was based on the behavior of the class as a whole. Even during these times, when I'm sure some students weren't doing anything, I didn't have any argue with me.

    I really believe, by keeping up with their own marks, they buy-in to the process. Also, since they complete their own behavior evaluatons at the end of the week, they realize they are responsible for their behavior. Also the parents are kept apprised of their behavior through this weekly home-school correspondence.

    Allegedly I was supposed to get many kids with serious behavior problems. Not that I haven't had any, but I haven't had them to the extent they previously had. Also the parents have commented to me about the improvement in their attitude in general and their attitude about school since "switching" to their new classroom in January.

    I think it's important for students to understand they are ultimately responsible for themselves. Even in 3rd grade, I think they can begin to understand this concept. I think the check system and behavior evaluations are a step in right direction. It also gives me a way to correspond with the parents on a weekly basis.

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