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    grade 1
    By Cathy-Dee

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    Grade 1 is indeed a unique grade. I agree with one of the other posters in that it is often in this grade that you do have to deal with possible learning difficulties, etc., that parents may not be ready to hear.

    I often find September/October to be my most frustrating and tiring months. The kids are very dependent during these months. Once we get through these months things do settle into a routine and from that point on it's great. Not to say that things are terrible in those first months, just more time-consuming and energy-consuming.

    The first couple of weeks - GO SLOW - they will find it hard to adjust to full days of school. I do all my "main" teaching in the mornings and for the afternoons I plan center times, gym, a learning video, music, art, etc., more activity based to keep their attention.

    I also do a lot of one-on-one testing during the first two months so I have free center times where they can go to a number of centers I have in the room. Then I have the time to call them to my desk or work table to test them individually.

    I teach in Canada (Alberta), but you are welcome to my year plans if you are interested. They are in a word format - let me know if you have Office 2000 or an earlier version. Just send me an email.

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