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    New Student
    By Michelle

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    First of all, get those school records QUICKLY!!! There is a really good chance this child was already in special ed. You wouldn't believe how many parents decide to just "see how he'll do" back in a regular class without ever telling the new school anything. My favorite is the parents who don't even realize that the child was in special ed!

    I would have him attempt the work for the next two days. Then, I would have a conference with mom and pull out the work samples. Have your AP in the room in case she gets defensive. Just tell her very matter-of-factly that you are concerned b/c he is unable to complete the work. Ask how he did in his previous school and how your work compares to theirs. Mom's answers will give you a starting point.

    I would talk to the psych about what documentation you should start with. Even if you can't start a referral at this point (which I really think is illegal), you can start the documentation process for next year. Ask the psych what you need to do about modifying. Depending on the situation, you may not want to modify so much that grades are inflated, especially if mom is in denial. On the other hand, you don't want the child overly frustrated.

    The scratching bothers me. Why did he do this? What was going on? Was he mad, frustrated, bored, etc.? Document everytime this happens. Watch for signs that he is becoming frustrated or upset. Does he have other inappropriate responses to these emotions? Watch carefully to see if you need to intervene further.

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