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    By krystyna

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    I also subscribe to Scholastic News.
    #1. After your done reading the articles, you may want to do a newspaer poem. They pick a topic and find words in the magazine, then cut and glue.
    #2. On Friday, you could set up a news broadcast in your room. Divide the class into teams. Each week different teams report their findings. Local, state, national, world news. The debate question could be tallied during the week by the team and then results could be mentioned during the broadcast.
    #3. Hold actual debates. Each issue has great debate topics. Set up a debate and have students voice their opinions.
    #4. Class Scrapbook of timely events that were featured in each issue. In the beginning of the school year before you receive the magazine, you can explain that they'll be collecting articles, political cartoons, etc. that capture the year. Everyone will be responsible to put something in.
    #5. Only after they are done-YOu can do a scavenger hunt. For example, find: word that starts with "G", picture of an aniaml, national hero, price of something.
    #6. Let them cut out one photo and write about what the article might be about.
    #7. Crossword puzzle. Divide into teams. Each team is assigned to an article and they come up with questions. Trade papers. Also word search works(vocabulary)well.
    #8. Final idea-"Jeopardy" Create categories according to the issue(s).Maybe at the end of each month, you may decide to set up 'answers' and have groups respond with the 'question.'
    Hope some of these ideas help make SN more exciting.

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